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Season 2

Season 1

Enter the Radtrix

I found a glitch in the Radtrix. I have called you here to help me.
Are you ready to Enter the Radtrix?
"You take the blue pill... the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill... you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes."
Which do you choose to take? The blue pill or the red pill? What if I told you there were other pills?
Different pills lead to different outcomes. Choose wisely...

Instructions to Reserve Radtrix NFTs

A Radix Wallet is needed to Enter The Radtrix.
Download at
Radtrix NFTs require Radix XRD tokens.
To reserve a Radtrix NFT send the required amount of XRD Tokens to the Radtrix address.

Radtrix Address:


1 Blue Moon = 10 XRD with ts msg: Blue Pill
1 Red Moon = 20 XRD with ts msg: Red Pill
1 Yellow Moon = 30 XRD with ts msg: Yellow Pill
1 Green Moon = 40 XRD with ts msg: Green Pill
1 White Moon = 50 XRD with ts msg: White Pill
1 Purple Moon = 60 XRD with ts msg: Purple Pill
1 Golden Moon = 70 XRD with ts msg: Golden Pill
1 Shiny Moon = 80 XRD with ts msg: Shiny Pill
1 Glitch Moon = 100 XRD with ts msg: Glitch Pill
1 Fire Moon = 200 XRD with ts msg: Fire Pill

We now accept DogeCube $DGC. Click here for instructions.

Please be patient when reserving NFTs as this is a manual process. Please allow up to 7 days, but usually will be processed sooner. You will receive a confirmation message of your desired Radtrix NFT. Transactions will be processed in order. You are reserving an NFT token that will be exchanged for the final NFT once Babylon is released. (10% Royalty)


There will be multiple seasons. A new season begins whenever all Blue Pill NFTs are reserved.Current season is season 2 Radtrix Moon NFT Reservations. Season 1 is still available, please be sure to include Season 1 as part of your transaction message if you wish to reserve a Radtrix Lambo NFT.

Only 1,000 pieces per season.

Season 1 are Radtrix Lambos.
Season 2 are Radtrix Moons.
Season 3 to be announced...


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